Russian Association for Film and Media Education

Pedido por correo electrónico hecho por Alexander Fedorov (Russia), en inglés:

Dear colleagues,

The Russian Association for Film and Media Education invites you (as an
expert in the field of a media education/literacy) to take part in a
survey. The analysis of the results will be published in the Russian
magazine "Media Education" which (since 2005) has been published with the
support of the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Program “Information for

Russian Association for Film and Media Education

Questions for experts

1. What is the present condition of media education/literacy
development in your country? What are the main achievements, failures, and

2. Have any new tendencies in media education appeared in your country
in the 21st century?

3. Could evidence from foreign experience help the development of
media education in your country? If yes, which country’s experiences would
be useful? ? And how might it help?

4. Can modern media criticism become the ally of movement of media
education? If yes, how?

5. Is it essential to introduce compulsory integrated or specialist
media education courses in curricula of mainstream schools? Or would it be
better to set up informal courses for general audiences?

6. Are there specialist “Media educator” courses in higher education in
your country? If not, why? If yes, what kind(s) of courses are there
and how were they set up?

7. What prospects are there for the development of media
education/literacy in your country in the foreseeable future? What, in your opinion,
are the essential first steps?

We also ask you to provide some information about yourself (your name,
country, city, school/university, position, academic degree).

Please, send your answers to e-mails:

tina5@rambler.ru deadline for answers is Aug. 1, 2006

Best wishes,
Prof. Dr. Alexander Fedorov,
President of Russian Association for Film & Media Education
http://edu.of.ru/mediaeducation (Russian and English versions)
http://www.mediaeducation.boom..ru (English Version),
Editor of Russian Journal 'Media Education':
Expert of Russian Committee of
the UNESCO Program 'Infomation for All' (www.ifap.ru),
Also Media Education Webs:
Media Education on the UNESCO Moscow Office:
(English Version)

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